Costco Shoppers Are Warning Others To Stay Away From One Party Snack: 'Don't Serve This'

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Costco has a lot of great ideas for what to bring to your office holiday party or Christmas dinner if you're not sure what to make. Still, some foods don't get great reviews from customers.

Costco members have been very critical of a new product called ready-to-heat Tipiak Pull Apart Cheese Bread. The label on the package says that this item comes from France and is filled with cheeses, garlic, and herbs.

Someone on Reddit said they were going to serve this cheese bread at a party and asked others to confirm that it was good. Many people said the exact opposite. Since then, the thread has almost 290 comments, with more complaints than praise for the product.

"NO. It was really sad!!! It made us so happy, but there wasn't much cheese in it. Someone on Reddit wrote, "Buy a loaf of sourdough and make it yourself." "Don't serve this," said someone else.

A common complaint about this bread was that it didn't have any flavor. Several Reddit users called it "bland." Some people said it was "dry" or "greasy," and others said the bread wasn't cooked right.

"You don't even need to prepare melted cheese, make some butter with some garlic and diced parsley in it, brush it on the bread/inside the cuts, then get some nice cheddar cheese, and sprinkle in between the slices, wrap the bread and foil and bake," someone suggested.

Some Reddit users also said to use Costco's take-and-bake sourdough bread loaves in the thread's comments. One person said that these "keep for so long!"

This isn't the first time that Tipiak's Pull Apart Cheese Bread has done something wrong. When the Costco fan account @costcobuys posted about the item on Instagram last year, they called it "delicious," but shoppers were quick to complain in the comments section.


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